4 Built-In Appliances to Replace a Trash Compactor

trash compactor

If your kitchen has a trash compactor, but you hardly ever use it, then maybe it’s time you replaced it with a different appliance. Trash compactors are typically 15 inches wide, but make sure to measure your model and the opening it sits in before deciding on the new appliance you want to exchange it with.

To help get you started, I’ve put together a list of appliances that are 15” wide and could easily replace your outdated trash compactor. Start dreaming of the ways you can upgrade your kitchen:

Wine Cooler

Like all under counter appliances, you will want to make sure you are purchasing a wine cooler that is specifically designed for built-in purposes. A freestanding unit should not be built into cabinetry because it will overheat and stop working, and in the process, your wine could be ruined.

A wine cooler will definitely upgrade the look of your kitchen. There are many different designs you can choose from, but all of them are sleek and sure to be a conversation piece amongst visiting family and friends.

Aside from the aesthetics, if you enjoy wine, then having a wine refrigerator in your kitchen is convenient. You can easily pair a wine with your dinner, entertain guests or enjoy a glass after a long day at work. The wine will be perfectly chilled to your preferred temperature and waiting for you when you want it.

Some of my favorite 15”, built-in wine coolers:

Koldfront Built-In Wine CoolerKoldfront BWR300BL Built-In Wine Cooler

– Single zone wine cooler

– Holds up to 30 bottles

– Temperature range of 40 – 65 degrees F

– LED display & interior lighting

– Slide out wire shelves


EdgeStar Built-In Wine CoolerEdgeStar CWR261DZ Built-In Wine Cooler

– Dual zone wine cooler

– Holds up to 26 bottles

– Temperature ranges:
Lower zone – 40-54 degrees F
Upper zone – 54-64 degrees F

– Slide out steel-trimmed, wooden shelves


Vinotemp Wine CoolerVinotemp VT-26 Built-In Wine Cooler

– Single zone wine cooler

– Holds up to 26 bottles

– Temperature range: 45-65 degrees F

– Has a lock for keeping your wine secure

– Slide out wood shelves


Beverage Refrigerator

What’s great about having a beverage fridge in your home is you’ll free up space in your kitchen refrigerator. Sodas and beers can take up quite a bit of shelf space that could instead be used for more groceries or leftovers from dinner.

Having a designated fridge for your drinks will also make it easier when entertaining because guests will know exactly where to go for a refill. It also means your refrigerator door won’t be constantly opened and closed, causing temperature fluctuations, which can cause some food items, like eggs, to go bad.

My favorite 15”, built-in beverage fridges:

EdgeStar Beverage FridgeEdgeStar CBR900SS Beverage Fridge

– Holds up to 84 cans

– Temperature range: 38-50 degrees F

– Has a lock for keeping beverages secure

– Slide out coated wire shelves

– Blue LED interior lighting


Avanti Undercounter Beverage CenterAvanti BCA1501SS Beverage Center

– Holds up to 72 cans

– Temperature range: 34-43 degrees F

– Has a lock for keeping beverages secure

– 2 slide out glass shelves, 1 slide out wire shelf, 1 basket

– LED interior lighting


Marvel Beverage Fridge & Wine CoolerMarvel Beverage and Wine Fridge

– Holds up to 60 cans & 4 wine bottles

– Temperature range: 40-65 degrees F

– Slide out maple-trimmed, wire shelves

– Double pane, tinted, UV-resistant glass door

– An alarm if the temperature is higher or lower than desired point for an extended time



Maybe instead of drinks, it’s too much food that’s making it difficult to close your kitchen refrigerator door. An under counter refrigerator might be the answer to your problems then.

Beverage fridges and regular fridges have a similar temperature range, but beverage fridges might get warmer than you need for storing food. Also, many refrigerators have door storage and adjustable shelves, which most beverage refrigerators don’t have.

Here are my favorite built-in refrigerators:

Avanti Built-In RefrigeratorAvanti OBC32SS Outdoor Refrigerator

– 3.2 cubic foot capacity

– Reinforced for outdoor use, but can be used indoors

– Comes with attachable caster wheels for easy mobility

– Full range thermostat

– Reversible, stainless steel door


Marvel Built-In RefrigeratorMarvel 30AR Refrigerator

– 3.0 cubic foot capacity

– 3 adjustable, chrome-plated wire shelves & 3 door shelves

– Auto-defrost

– Filler kit allows usage in 18-inch wide opening

– Leveling legs


Ice Maker

Large families, or those that just really love ice, might find that their refrigerator ice maker can’t keep up with their needs. Luckily, you can get a separate, larger ice maker than can be built into your kitchen cabinetry.

There are quite a few different under counter ice makers available on the market and most make what is known as clear ice, meaning it contains no impurities; it’s restaurant quality. However, the Scotsman that I’ve included in my list of favorite built-in ice machines makes what is known as nugget ice or, as most people call it, Sonic ice. That’s right; you can get delicious Sonic ice right in your home!

My favorite built-in ice makers:

EdgeStar Built-In Ice MakerEdgeStar Clear Ice Maker

– Makes up to 45 pounds of ice a day

– Stores up to 25 pounds of ice

– Removable ice bin

– Gravity drain line

– Insulated ice storage


Danby Ice MakerDanby Clear Ice Maker

– Makes up to 32 pounds of ice a day

– Stores up to 25 pounds of ice

– Removable ice bin

– Built-in drain pump

– Produces bullet-shaped ice cubes


Scotsman Sonic Ice MakerScotsman Nugget Ice Maker

– Makes up to 125 pounds of ice a day

– Stores up to 22 pounds of ice

– Produces “Sonic” ice

– Drain pump with 10 foot pump line

– Uses 40% less energy than standard machines


So, now that you know about the variety of built-in appliances available, it’s time for you to update and upgrade your kitchen by getting rid of that outdated, unused trash compactor. Fall in love with your kitchen all over again with any one of these amazing appliances!